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Welcome to the "Homeschool Online Program" main web site!

This web site will explain to you the basics of how the online homeschool program works to help you with your homeschool teaching needs and will show you how to immediately start using the free Homeschool Online Program Homeschool Curriculum aids available at this site and at the website - starting with Homeric Greek Vocabulary and the Latin Vocabulary online homeschool software programs.

Our goal at this web site is to provide free online homeschool curriculum aids (and free downloadable homeschool software for the PC) to provide you with online homeschool teaching aids to help you augment your homeschool curriculum in Latin and in Homeric Greek in the Classics and modern languages (Spanish, French, German, Italian) and Chemistry as Math topics.

The free online homeschool software is designed to allow you to create your own lessons and easily to share lessons as homeschool teaching resources with other homeschoolers (as well as with the K-12 community) without you ever having to leave your browser or to download any complicated or expensive homeschool curriculum software. You use the homeschool online program to augment your existing homeschool programs and help with your homeschool teaching of the topics you choose - not to replace your existing homeschool curriculum or existing homeschool software. As part of this free homeschool online program offers online homeschool programs and downloadable homeschool software in Latin and Homeric Greek and other languages as well as Chemistry and math.  The online homeschool curriculum aids offered from and the Hungryfrog Flash education online program provide free flash games and Windows games to let your homeschooler students have fun while learning.

While also offers Windows based homeschool software (available as a free download from, the focus here is on the browser based Flash and Java homeschool programs and games to be used as online homeschool curriculum aids to your existing homeschool curriculum (whether it is online or not). These free programs run under any operating system (MacOS, Windows Vista, Linux etc.) and allow you to share your lesson content with others extremely easily. The downloadable Hungryfrog Series PC homeschool software is a much more advanced software program, but is no longer available for Macintosh users. You can learn more about the Hungryfrog Series homeschool software at the main website. Remember, these online homeschool resources are designed to add to and not replace your homeschool curriculum materials and allow you to create, share, and manage your own online homeschool lesson plans and homeschool teaching aids based on whatever your curriculum plan may be.

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