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As the name implies, all free online homeschool curriculum software is free for you to use as much as you would like and as often as you would like. This includes the Windows software if you choose to download it. Click the 'Download Now' link at the main website to download the Hungryfrog Windows Software. Our free online homeschool curriculum software programs are free thanks to your support through donations and your shopping via our store links which take you to Amazon via our affiliate program.

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Homeschool Online Program Materials | Windows Software

You may choose to use the browser based online homeschool curriculum materials exclusively (Flash and Java) because of the convenience of only needing a web browser to access your lessons. After all, why be tied to a PC if you don't need to be? However, the Hungryfrog Windows software gives you a much richer experience (both from the experience of the kids using the software and from your perspective as a parent). Just like the online software programs, you can still make your own lessons to…

Homeschool Online Program Materials | Flash & Java

While the Hungryfrog Software for Windows is the luxury sedan, it doesn't mean you can't get to where you want to go on your bike just as easily and you can take your bike with you on holiday too!

That may be a wild analogy, but it's apt.

Anywhere you can access a computer (it could just as easily be your Mac at home or a Windows PC at a Cafe in Paris), you can use the free online homeschool curriculum program materials which are based on the browser programs in Flash and Java.…

Homeschool Online Program | Free? How?

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