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About Us

Our goal with the Hungryfrog.com online program is to provide free education resources to the homeschool (and K-12) community. Our online learning materials are free to use (including the PC software available for Download from Hungryfrog.com). We do have bandwidth costs for serving things up to you, and that is why you see ads around the site and why we ask that you donate or shop at Amazon.com through our Amazon links.

In case you are confused by seeing some 'jellyfishfun.com' URLs mixed in with 'hungryfrog.com', do not be alarmed! As you navigate this website and the main Hungryfrog.com website, you will see content hosted at both the Jellyfishfun.com and Hungryfrog.com websites as Hungryfrog.com is running out of bandwidth so we are moving some things to Jellyfishfun.com.

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Homeschool Online Program | Homeschool Resources tap into K12

One of the advantages of using the Hungryfrog.com Homeschool Online Program (aside from it being completely free for you to use!) is that as a homeschooler you are instantly connected into not only the entire community of those choosing to homeschool online - but you also get plugged into the existing K12 knowledge base at your own chosen level of involvement.

When you use the Hungryfrog.com Windows based PC software teaching Latin or Homeric Greek, you can not only share your own vocabulary lessons with other homeschoolers, but you can share them with the general community of Latin learners and teachers across not just the US but internationally as well. Any time you create a new Latin or Homeric Greek lesson for your own use, you can share it online with a mouse click. Anytime you want to use lessons others have shared, it is just as easy. If a lesson does not appeal to you, you can change it or ignore it altogether. You are in complete control over what Latin vocabulary or Homeric Greek vocabulary you include in your lessons - but you have available to you the combined knowledge of everyone out there using the Hungryfrog Windows software (a Free Download from Hungryfrog.com).

The same is true, but even easier, when you learn Latin or Homeric Greek while using the Hungryfrog.com Flash Latin online program or the Flash Homeric Greek online program. With the Hungryfrog.com Flash based online homeschool software you can create, use, and share Latin vocabulary lessons or Homeric Greek vocabulary lessons all without leaving the security (no viruses, download, spamware etc.) of your own internet browser.