Homeschool Online Program | Secure and Safe

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When you choose to incorporate any or part of the Homeschool Online Program Homeschool Curriculum materials into your online homeschooling curriculum, you can be sure that you are not going to risk infecting your computer with a virus or spyware. You are not downloading or installing any software onto your computer with the Flash and Java Applet program materials. The online homeschool software programs available at run inside your browser as either Java applets or Flash (Adobe Flash). Nearly every browser today already has Adobe Flash Player as part of its installation, and if you do not have the latest version of the Adobe player it is only a few clicks away. If you do decide you would like to download and install the Windows Hungryfrog software, you may, but it is separate from the free online homeschool curriculum software programs in Flash and Java and you do not need it to use those materials fully.

Homeschool Online Program | Flash Program Security

When you run a Flash online program as part of the free online homeschool curriculum program series from you are not running the online program outside of your browser, and all of the internet safety precautions built into your browser are active. When you run the Flash based online homeschool curriculum software programs you are not downloading software and running it on your hard disk where is has 'privileges' which can allow a malicious program to possibly damage or alter the…

Homeschool Online Program | Anywhere, Anytime

One of the big advantages of the Homeschool Online Program in Flash and Java (but most specifically in the ongoing Flash online homeschool curriculum software) is that you can create content anywhere and use it as easily. You can create a lesson (e.g. create a Latin vocabulary lesson or Homeric Greek lesson) at your home computer using your web browser and home internet connection, and have it available at any other computer at your home or at another homeschooling…

Homeschool Online Program | Mac or PC indendence

You have a Windows PC? You have Windows PC at work? Your child uses a Mac?

No problem. The Java or Flash based Homeschool online software programs run in any internet browser independent of whether it is running on a Mac or a PC or a desktop machine or a laptop. Remember - you are not installing any software to run the online programs! They run completely inside the browser - so they work equally well on a Mac or on a Windows PC from Windows 95 all the way through Windows Vista and whatever…